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Shipping Cars Overseas  

IAT Internationale Auto-Transport Gesellschaft mbH provides international shipping of Automobiles, Boats, ATVs, Motorcycles and parts from the U.E. . You can also purchase your preferred vehicles through us, from any car dealer and auction.

International Car Shipping Methods

Roll on Roll off (RORO)

With RoRo shipping service, your vehicle will be driven onto a automobile transporter vessel. RoRo is your best option if your vehicle is simply too large to fit inside a container. This applies to all types of vehicles, including cars, boats on trailer, trucks, tractors, trailers, mobile homes, RVs, bulldozers, etc.


With container shipping, your vehicle is loaded in a container before shipping out. Unlike RORO, when shipping in a container, the vehicles are not required to run and drive. Your vehicle is completely safe once in enters the container and is not taken out until delivered.

Exclusive Container

  • Your own container
  • Weekly container consolidation
  • Load 1-4 vehicles & parts in container
  • Vehicle(s) do not have to run & drive
  • Easy scheduling of pickup/delivery
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Consolidated Container

  • Shared container
  • Weekly container consolidation
  • Vehicle(s) do not have to run & drive
  • Lower inland trucking costs
  • Flexible for warehouse management
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RoRo Shipping

  • For cars, trucks, buses & RVs
  • Vehicles must run & drive
  • Can fit oversize vehicles
  • Vehicle(s) driven onto ship
  • Fixed arrival & departure dates
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Trucks & SUVs






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